So as evident by my weight chart – I’m not losing weight. I hit a nice low the first week in, but my weight came back up a little and then really hasn’t moved as much – and didn’t get back down to the low from the week before. My suspicion is the whole bean theory. I’m feeling less and less convinced that the carbs in beans is really “safe”. I think that while it won’t promote weight-GAIN – it doesn’t promote weight-LOSS either. If I was looking to maintain my weight – then I think this works. Eat as much beans as you need to fill up. The carbs in beans won’t ADD fat – not like the carbs in pasta and bread does – but if you’re looking to LOSE weight, then beans can prevent that from happening. At least that’s my theory. From what I’ve read from other people as well – when they weren’t losing weight – removing the beans helped them start to lose again. Being that I’m only looking to lose between 10-15lbs now, I may need to really restrict what kind of carbs I bring into the picture in order to get down to where I want to be. It may be that if you’re looking to lose 40+ lbs – beans are ok. (Although Sam is doing the diet with me too, and he has a good 70lbs to lose but while his weight loss was big the fist week too, he also is kind of stalled out)

So now the issue will be to modify my meals so that there are little to no beans. Most of the dinners I’ve been having on this plan – that’s not a problem. And Breakfast was usually hard-boiled eggs, and I think I can keep that up for a good long time. But lunch was a heavy on beans. I would make a huge batch of bean salad and I’d just grab a serving and go and I’d be all set for lunch. I’ll need to find another easy to make ahead and grab and go kind of lunch.

I also still plan to keep “binge day” as it’s the main thing that will keep me sane on any particular diet. Maybe I won’t go out of my way to make myself sick – but I will go for items I’d been craving that week. Today happens to be binge day. 😀

On the menu:

Pancakes (check)
French fries
Chipotle burrito
Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go
and a chocolate macaroon I saved from last week 😀

I’d also like to keep trying to snap a pic of my food. It’s funny how easy it is to forget. I remember about half way through a meal usually – but at that point, it seems kind of too late.