My conclusion on the “Four Hour Body”

The short version: it doesn’t work. Well, at least not the way I’m doing it. I totally agree and can see that if you eat carbs – that is what gets turned into fat. There’s no disputing that. But just not eating carbs isn’t enough to make you lose weight alone. Even though I’m not creating fat – I’m also not doing anything to BURN fat either. I think two things need to happen in order for that to happen:

1. Portion Size
While it may be that I can eat until really really full, and not gain weight (which would not be the case if I was eating carbs); I’m not losing weight either. I think I need to under-eat. Probably don’t even need to go to the point of really feeling hungry – but just cut the size down a bit.

2. Exercise
This is probably the biggest and most important one. I’m not exercising. Life is unbelievably hectic right now. Going to 24 hour fitness for Zumba ended up being an endless source of frustration. The classroom is too small, and the class size is too big. Which is fine if you’re not dancing and flailing around – but you move in Zumba. A lot. The other problem is that if you don’t get close to the front – you can’t see the instructor that well (see previous note about class being too packed) – so you just half-ass it until you can figure out what move the instructor is doing. I got the XBox360 Zumba game – which is awesome… except it’s done at home. Which means everyone in my family can’t resist the urge to try and pull me away from my exercise and answer questions about “what are we having for dinner?” “What are we doing on Saturday” “When are you going to do xyz for me?” “Can you help me do abc?” etc. etc. Seriously. One hour – I can’t get peace.

I used to run which was going pretty well, until my knees started to really hurt. Also – there’s a short window I can get out to run before it gets dark (and there’s no lit running tracks nearby)

So my conclusion for now – unless I can figure something else out… is that I’m going to continue to eat like this (no carbs during the week – 1 day I let loose) as it’s a great way to *maintain* my current weight without really going hungry or counting calories. But until I can fit in at least 1 hour a week of exercise – I’m putting my hope of losing weight on hold. It’s not realistic.

I’m in the middle of changing jobs – three of them actually. It’s complicated… Very complicated. I’m basically working 2 jobs at the moment – trying to phase them out so I can start a third – ideally free of the previous 2. I have my day job – and then I work in the evenings and weekends too. Aside from not exercising, non-stop work like this isn’t healthy either. I’m trying to change things – but like I said – until I can – the best I can hope for is no-fuss maintenance. Not loss

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  1. Interesting. I eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, and as long as I avoid flour, rice, potatoes, sugar, fruit & most dairy – I’m losing weight. No exercise. My photo editor lost weight too – matter of fact, we’re both down 20lbs. She is running, but when she runs she has to eat some carbs because she got headaches otherwise.

    Interesting. Everyone I know has lost some weight doing it – but then again, most had 40-60lb to lose. Maybe that is why? Hmm. I did discover that I can only eat beans 2-3 times a week, but the month I ate no beans? Less weight loss too.

    What a bummer! I’m sorry to hear it isn’t working for you!

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