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Beans test results

So my little experiment for the week (Would removing beans get me back on track) proved that yeah, beans are not helping me with the weight-loss. I dropped down lower than I’ve been able to get to on this diet, almost immediately after dropping beans off the menu. Can’t wait to see how next week goes!

So I’m focusing on eating veggies, meat (steak, chicken, turkey, fish) and eggs. So far my breakfast and lunch repeat. Every day I have 2 eggs, (no sugar added) salsa, 2-3 slices of bacon and 1 or 2 cups of coffee with half-and-half. Lunch this week was: Meatball & veggie soup (not loving the soup, but meatballs we’ll be having again!), tuna fish salad over coleslaw mix, and egg salad over coleslaw mix.

That coleslaw mix is my new best friend. I am totally in LOVE with it. I don’t care what diet you’re doing – I can’t think of a single diet that wouldn’t work with that stuff. It’s low carb, low calorie, packed with vitamins. It’s crunchy, filling, yummy. LOVE IT! I was lamenting over the fact that egg salad or tuna fish salad NOT on bread just aren’t the same… but I’ve decided that on coleslaw mix… WAY YUMMIER.

I’m still looking for more options for lunch though. I wish I could eat that tuna fish salad every day – but I’m worried about the other negative health issues with canned tuna (mercury, etc.). I can probably get away with eating it 2 days a week – but I wouldn’t push my luck for more than that on a regular basis.

In any case, this week was much better than last. Feeling good, skinnier… but looking forward to binge day! LOL! Last week, I never made it to Jamba Juice, so hoping to get there this week on binge day (My son has been begging for a smoothie too so that will make both of us happy). There will be many jelly beans eaten. (Totally addicted to those) Pancakes. Pizza (maybe) – or maybe I’ll just do Chipotle again (I love their burritos stuffed with cilantro rice!!)

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