Why are you posting pictures of your food?

I have recently started the “The 4-Hour Body” diet/plan/lifestyle – whatever you want to call it. One thing he suggests in the book is taking pictures of everything you eat – and even better if you can post it where everyone in the world can see it. (Why everyone in the world would want to see what I’m eating, not so sure on that one except to say I’m pretty sure everyone in the world doesn’t care what I eat) but since I love playing with blogs, etc. it was easy enough to set up a site where I could post pictures of what I ate. Then I can look over the course of the day and see it all laid out there for me so when I ask myself “why am I overweight” I have a visual guide for it all. Pinterest style! LOL!

What is “The 4-Hour Body”

I see it as kind of a mix of South Beach and Atkins – some principles overlap. You want to stay clear away from carbs when they’re in the form of Sugar, Bread, Potatoes, Corn, flour, etc. No cheese (except for limited amounts of cottage cheese) You want to eat lots of vegetables and beans – as this is what will make you feel “full”. Eat lots of protein: eggs, beef, chicken, pork, fish. Eat a fair amount of “fat” – butter, nuts, oil, etc. This is not a diet where you’re supposed to feel hungry all the time (like when I’ve dieted by watching and cutting back calories). Exercise is not a requirement for fat-loss, but it’s encouraged. I’m not an expert on it, I probably have misremembered stuff from the book (And even the book seems to contradict itself in spots so it’s a bit confusing). While some things are hard-set in stone (no bread, potatoes, etc.) – I think the rest is presented as “Try it and see how it works”. I think probably the most critical point is to steer clear of the carbs.

The one trick with this plan though – and it’s the one thing that drew me to it – is you get one “cheat” day a week. There’s some restriction on the cheat day – it shouldn’t include breakfast – before (and about 1-1/2 hours after) big binge meals you’re supposed to do a few particular exercises (“air squats” etc.) But this has been my biggest issue with diets I’ve been on. Putting off good tasting “bad” food indefinitely eventually comes back around to having me quit. With it being 1 day a week – I make a list of all my cravings all week long – and then I can look forward to having them at the end of the week.

I still have my doubts whether doing it this way completely derails all the “work” you do all week – but I’ve tried everything else – so one more plan to try – especially if it DOES work – is worth it. :)